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Pre Compression Processor Model VP3000
Pre Compression Processor Model VP3000
Description - PDF Spec Sheet

The Model VP3000 Pre Compression Processor is state of the art professional equipment. It delivers significant picture quality improvements by correcting most common video errors. It can remove dropouts and impulse noise and reduce random interference and noise by up to 9 dBs.

The unit provides independent noise reduction of the luminance and chrominance signals using recursive filtering techniques with motion detection and motion compensation. In addition, the VP3000 provides means to compensate luminance high frequency losses; it permits correction of chrominance level and chrominance phase for proper restoration of color levels and color hue; and it can remove most video dropouts, impulse noise, threshold sparkles and other similar interference.

The VP3000 is ideal for transmission uplinks utilizing digital compression techniques (e.g. MPEG), where random noise can severely affect compression efficiency and any unwanted interference can use up a considerable amount of data. It is highly effective in video postproduction applications as it will improve picture quality from old video tapes and faded films. It can be used as a very high quality NTSC color decoder for format conversion and presentation applications.

The VP3000 uses programmable large gate array chips to perform complex signal processing operations with a high degree of accuracy and reliability. Chip programmability permits custom modifications and future upgrades by simply changing a PROM.

Front Panel Controls:
Power: On/Off
Luminance Level: ▒ 20 %
High Frequency Boost: 0 to +6 dB
Chrominance Level: ▒ 20 %
Chrominance Phase: ▒ 15░
Y Random Noise Reduction: Variable Sensitivity
C Random Noise Reduction: Variable Sensitivity
Mode Selection: Bypass
Random noise reduction ON
Impulse and dropout reduction ON
Random noise and dropout reduction ON
Internal Controls:
Y, R-Y, B-Y, Red, Blue, Green levels
Inputs: NTSC Color Signal, 1 volt pp into 75 Ohms
Optional D2 digital serial 300 to 1800 mv pp into 75 Ohms
Outputs: Y, R-Y, B-Y analog signal
Levels adjusted to any standard
Sync signal 2 v pp composite sync into 75 Ohms
Optional Red Blue Green .70 v pp into 75 Ohms
Optional D1 parallel or serial appropriate digital levels
Video Specifications:
Y and Red, Blue, Green: ▒ .5 dB to 5 MHz
-3 dB at 6.5 MHz
R-Y and B-Y: < 3 dB down at 1.2 MHz
> 20 dB down at 3.6 MHz
Non-Linearity: < 2% plus quantizing effects
Differential Phase: < 2░ plus quantizing effects
K Factor with 2T Pulse: Better than 1%
Frame Tilt: Less than 1%
Y to Chroma timing: within 35ns
Demodulator quadrature: within 1░
System Delay: 1 TV line plus 3 Ás
Additional delay with impulse noise and dropout correction option: 1 TV field
Chrominance gain range: ▒ 3 dB
Chrominance phase range: ▒ 15░
High Frequency Boost: 0 dB to +6 dB
Luminance random noise reduction: up to 9 dB motion and initial picture quality dependent
Chrominance random noise reduction: up to 9 dB motion and initial picture quality dependent
Impulse and dropouts removal: 98 % effective with low motion or no motion
Temperature: 40║ F to 105║ F, Ambient
Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing
Height: 1.75"
Width: 19"
Length: 13"
Weight: 8 lbs.
Power: 120 volts AC, 60 Hz, 25 Watts
Specification subject to change without notice. 6/2002
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