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Video Processor/Noise Reducer Model VP100
Video Processor/Noise Reducer Model VP100
Description - PDF Spec Sheet

The Model VP100 Video Processor/Noise Reducer is state of the art professional equipment. It achieves significant picture quality improvements by correcting most common video errors as well as enhancing quality by reducing background noise by up to 9 dBs.

The unit provides independent noise reduction of the luminance and chrominance signals using recursive filtering techniques with motion detection and motion compensation. In addition, the VP100 provides means to correct differential gain errors; It provides means to compensate luminance high frequency losses; It permits chrominance level and burst phase correction for proper restoration of color levels and color hue; and It permits luminance/chrominance delay correction for a perfect match of luminance and chrominance positions.

The VP100 is ideal for cable headends to restore the quality of marginal signals and to help meet cable standards. It is also ideal for transmission uplinks utilizing digital compression techniques (e.g. MPEG), where random noise can severely affect compression efficiency. It is highly effective in video production applications as it will improve picture quality from old video tapes and faded films.

The VP100 uses large gate array chips to perform complex signal processing operations with a high degree of stability.

Digital Noise Reduction

Noise reduction of luminance and chrominance using independent digitally adaptive circuits with advanced motion detection.

Digital Luminance/Chrominance Delay Compensation

Digitally controlled Y/C delay compensation permits accurate and stable correction of Y/C delay errors.

Digitally Generated High Frequency Correction Signal

High frequency luminance details are digitally cored to minimize noise.

Color Phase and Color Gain Correction

Variable color phase and color gain correctors permit restoring proper color hue and color levels.

Black Stretch & White Stretch Circuits

Variable differential gain adjustment permits bringing out compressed highlights or fine details in blacks.
Input: NTSC Color Signal, 1 volt pp into 75 Ohms
Outputs: Main NTSC Color Signal, 1 volt pp into 75 Ohms
Note: Input automatically looped to Main output under power loss.
Auxiliary NTSC Signal, 1 volt pp into 75 Ohms
Video Specifications with No Processing:
Frequency Response: Flat response ( .2 dB) out to 5 MHz
Non-Linearity: < 2% plus quantizing effect
Differential Phase: < 2 plus quantizing effect
K Factor with 2T Pulse: Better than 2%
Frame Tilt: Less than 2%
Y to C relative timing: within 5 ns
Input to Output Delay: 2 s, nominal
Video Processing Specifications:
Frequency Response: 0 dB to +6 dB High Frequency boost possible
Differential Gain: 0 dB to 6 dB white stretch
0 dB to 6 dB black stretch
Differential Phase: < 2 plus quantizing effect
Y to C timing: Variable 140 ns
Chroma to Burst Phase: Variable 20
Chroma Gain (with burst fixed or tracking): Variable -6 dB to +4 dB
Video Gain: Variable -3 dB to + 4 dB
Luminance Noise Reduction: 0 dB to 9 dB of noise reduction (motion and initial picture quality dependent)
Chrominance Noise Reduction: 0 dB to 9 dB of noise reduction (motion and initial picture quality dependent)
Temperature: 40F to 110F, Ambient
Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing
Height: 1.75"
Width: 19"
Length: 12"
Weight: 8 lbs.
Power: 120 volts AC, 60 Hz, 30 Watts
Specification subject to change without notice. 6/2002
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