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Random Noise Reducer Model VP10A
or Model VP10C for Components
Random Noise Reducer Model VP10

VP10A - PDF Spec Sheet

VP10C - PDF Spec Sheet

The Model VP10A and VP10C are high quality random noise reduction processors utilizing Xintekvideo's exclusive VIP technology. VIP (Video Improvement Processor) is a proprietary system that utilizes recursive filtering techniques in conjunction with sophisticated motion compensation to achieve outstanding noise reduction performance. The performance of the system is particularly startling when applied to very noisy video signals. (Try using other noise reducers with very noisy pictures and look at the artifacts generated by those processors).

The Model VP10A and VP10C deliver over 9 dBs of S/N improvement for both luminance and chrominance or color difference signals. Independent control of luminance and chrominance noise reduction permits processing optimization for many types of random noise, e.g. plain "snow", color streaking, extraneous interference and beats. In auto mode operation, they analyze noise in the incoming video and they automatically adjust processing for optimum noise reduction.

The VP10A or VP10C are ideal for transmission links utilizing digital compression techniques (e.g. MPEG), where random noise can severely affect compression efficiency. They are highly effective in video production and post production applications to improve picture quality from poor tapes or old films. The VP10A is very useful at cable headends when trying to pick up distant or weak stations.

The VP10A and VP10C utilize large gate array technology to deliver stable performance at an extremely competitive price.

Xintekvideo's VIP Technology

A digital Video Improvement Processor engine utilizing advanced filtering techniques with motion compensation to provide over 9dB of random noise reduction with no objectionable artifacts.

Independent Noise Reduction of Luminance and Chrominance

It permits video processing optimization for all types of random noise.

Digital Adaptive Comb Filters in the VP10A

Patented variable vertical aperture compensation/vertical filtering, permits de-emphasizing vertical transitions to reduce interline flicker.

Optional Y/C Output and Input for the VP10A

For optimum interfacing to S-VHS equipment.
Specifications for the VP10A
(see PDF spec sheets for VP10C):
Input: NTSC color video signal, 1 volt pp into 75 Ohms
Return loss > 40 dB
Optional Y/C Input
Output: NTSC color video signal, 1 volt pp into 75 Ohms
Return loss > 35 dB
Optional Y/C Output
Video Specifications:
Frequency Response: Flat response ( .5 dB) out to 5 MHz
Non-Linearity: < 2% plus quantizing effect
Differential Phase < 2 plus quantizing effect
K Factor with 2T Pulse: Better than 1%
Frame Tilt: Less than 2%
Y to Chroma relative timing: 25 ns
Luminance Noise Reduction: 0 dB to 9 dB of noise reduction (motion and initial picture quality dependent)
Chrominance Noise Reduction: 0 dB to 9 dB of noise reduction (motion and initial picture quality dependent)
Input to Output Delay: 1 TV line plus 2 s, nominal
Temperature: 40F to 105F, Ambient
Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing
Height: 1.75"
Width: 19"
Length: 11"
Weight: 7 lbs.
Power: 115 volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 15 Watts
Specification subject to change without notice. 6/2002
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