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Xintekvideo Store
Xintekvideo Store features current and older Xintekvideo equipment (some manufactured under the name Intelvideo) that can be purchased directly from Xintekvideo at sale prices. These items consists of pre-inspected DEMO units, REFURBISHED units, and checked and re-aligned/repaired USED units. No Distributors' or dealers' discounts available on these units.

DEMO and REFURBISHED products have the same warranty as new products. USED units have a three month parts and labor warranty only.

To purchase any product in this store please call Xintekvideo sales at (203) 348-9229. Identify the item you want by Model Number and Serial Number. Payment is 30-day net for businesses with established credit with us, all others are pre-payment or COD by certified check or bank check. Prices are FOB Stamford CT.

NTSC Color Decoder Model DEC7
Professional Color Decoder, NTSC to Y,R-Y,B-Y and RGB. USED ...$495

Impulse Noise Reducer Model INR
Impulse noise reduction with circuits upgraded to Model INRes. USED ...$1150

Picture Quality Restorer Model HQ
Impulse noise reduction circuits only. Random noise reduction disabled. USED ...$1050

Picture Quality Restorer Model HQes S/N:H220501
Impulse noise reduction and random noise reduction. REFURBISHED ...$1695

Picture Quality Restorer Model VP1000 S/N:V1K9012
Impulse noise reducer and random noise reducer. USED ...$1695

Random Noise Reducer Model VP10 S/N:V19031
Random noise reducer. REFURBISHED ...$595-SOLD

Random Noise Reducer Model VP10A S/N:V121075
Random noise reducer with auto noise reduction. DEMO ...$895

Ghost Buster Model VP55A
Ghost eliminator with random noise reduction.
DEMO, like new ...$1695 -SOLD

Ghost Buster Model VP50
Ghost eliminator without noise reduction.
USED ...$695

Drop-out Corrector Model DP100
Self contained drop-out corrector for NTSC signals (similar to DP2000 without noise reduction). USED ...$795

Drop Out Corrector Model DP2000 S/N:D2K22013
Self contained drop-out corrector for composite NTSC. DEMO ...$1395

Color Corrector Model VP900
Color Corrector for composite NTSC with no noise reduction. USED ...$695 -SOLD

Color Corrector Model VP900A
Color Corrector for composite NTSC with auto noise reduction. DEMO ...$1295 -SOLD

Pre Compression Processor Model VP3000A S/N:V3K22101
Pre compression processor with NTSC input, SDI output. DEMO ...$2000 -SOLD

SDI to Analog Converter Model SDI-110
Professional rack mountable SDI to any analog video format. 10-bit accuracy, includes color bars test signal. DEMO UNIT.....$395

SDI Color Corrector Model SDI900 S/N:D9221102
Good condition older model without gamma correction. Used unit ...$845

SDI Color Corrector/Video Processor Model SDI900 S/N:D9240511
Like new demo unit. DEMO ...$1095 -SOLD

Xintekvideo Products
Transcoders & Converters
SDI-313 - Universal Transcoder
SDI-1 - D1 to NTSC Converter
SDI-3 - Analog to SDI Converter
SDI-110 - SDI to Analog Converter
SDI-310 - NTSC to D1 Converter
SDI-330 - Noise Reducer/SDI Converter
SDI-333 - Universal SDI Converter
Video Processors
INR 2000 - Impulse Noise Eliminator
INR ES - Impulse Noise Reducer
HQ 2000 - Picture Quality Restorer
CF110 - Co-Channel Filter
DP2000 - Drop-Out Corrector
Video Improvement Processors
VP10A - Random Noise Reducer
VP10C - Components Noise Reducer
SDI-10 - Random Noise Reducer
VP55A - Noise Reducer/Ghost Canceler
VP100 - Video Processor/Noise Reducer
VP900A - NTSC Color Corrector
VP900D - NTSC/PAL Color Corrector
VP1000 - Picture Quality Restorer
VP3000 - Pre-Compression Processor
HD-900M/950M - High Definition Color Corrector
SDI-900*-Color Corrector/Video Processor
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