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We offer competitive pricing for the best products in the industry, manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards. For Repair Service costs please go to the page.
Transcoders and Converters
Universal Analog/Digital/Analog Transcoder Model SDI-313

A universal Transcoder, from any analog composite or component video to SDI or to any other composite or component video. Also from SDI to analog composite or Components. For NTSC or PAL scan rates only. Not for scan rates conversion.

Additional feature:

Internally generated Color Bars available at the analog outputs.
D1 to NTSC Converter Model SDI-1

Converts 270 Mbs serial digital video (D1) to composite color NTSC.
Analog to SDI Converter Model SDI-3

Converts composite NTSC or PAL video signals to 270Mbs SDI. Full 10-bit accuracy.
Professional SDI to Analog Converter Model SDI-110

Converts 270 Mbs digital video to any analog video.  True 10-bit accuracy.

Dual unit SDI-110D: $1695

NTSC to D1 Converter Model SDI-310

Converts analog color NTSC to 270 Mbs D1 serial digital video.
Components to D1 Converter Model SDI-330

(without noise reduction)
Universal Analog to SDI Converter Model SDI-333

Converts any composite or components video signals to SDI. For NTSC or PAL scan rates only.

Video Processors
Impulse Noise Eliminator Model INR 2000

Essentially removes all electrical impulse noise from video signals. Differentiates between electrical impulse noise and fast moving video details using SPT1 and SPT2 (sports programming) modes.
Impulse Noise Reducer Model INRES

Essentially removes all electrical impulse noise from video signals. Discontinued model. Remaining stock priced to go.
Picture Quality Restorer Model HQ2000

Removes electrical impulse noise and reduces random noise.

Picture Quality Restorer Model HQES $2895

Co-Channel Filter Model CF110

Removes the 10 and 20 KHz co-channel beats and reduces background noise
Drop-Out Corrector Model DP2000

Self contained tape dropout error detector and corrector for NTSC color signals.
VIP Products (Video Improvement Processors)
Random Noise Reducer Model VP10A and VP10C

Model VP10A:

Simply the best random noise reducer in the world. With its VIP engine it improves S/N Luminance and Chrominance by more than 9dBs.

Model VP10C:

Same as VP10A but with Y/R-Y/B-Y components input/output. 10-bit quantizing, 12-bit processing

SDI Noise Reducer Model SDI-10

Reduces Random Noise in Serial Digital Video and provides high frequency compensation.
Random Noise Reducer/SDI Converter Model SDI-330

Random Noise Reduction ideal for transmission links utilizing digital compression techniques, as well as video production and post production. Auto Noise Reduction Technology for hands-free operation. Serial digital output.

Model SDI-330 without Noise Reduction: $995

HD Color Corrector Model HD-900M

Full HD Color Corrector for interfacing to 1.485 Gbs serial digital video. RGB gain and set-up controls, plus chroma gain, gamma correction, and brightness control. It comes with 12 memory pre-sets. Up to 400 presets optionally available. Optional USB computer interface. Ideal for matching any video to any display characteristics.

For 100 presets add $150. For 400 presets add $200. For auto HD/SD operation add $100.

Model HD-900

All the functions of the Model HD-900M without memory pre-sets.

Model HD-950M

All the functions of the Model HD-900M plus an additional control for luminance gain and auto HD/SD operation.

For optional analog inputs, HDMI or analog outputs and USB interface please call.

Color Corrector/Video Processor Model SDI-900A - Legacy Product

Full Color Corrector for interfacing to SDI video. In addition it provides image enhancement, auto or manual random noise reduction, gamma correction, video set-up. Ideal for optimizing and maximizing video compression.

Model SDI-900M - Legacy Product

All the functions of the Model SDI-900A, plus non-volatile writable/readable memory for 7 video correction presets of all front panel functions. (For ptional 400 memory presets add $150). (Without Noise Reduction, subtract $500).(For front panel trimpots for variable noise reduction add $100).

Model SDI-900 -Legacy Product

All the functions of the Model SDI-900A without noise reduction.

Model SDI-900C

The same as the Model SDI-900 but with HF Boost control replaced with a Chroma Gain control. The Model SDI-900C also has optional USB computer interface.

For optional analog inputs and outputs please call.

not available
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Noise Reducer/Ghost Canceler Model VP55A. LEGACY PRODUCT

Improves S/N by more than 9 dBs and removes ghosts from video signals.

Model VP55 without Noise Reduction was also made. Call for used units.

Not Available
Video Processor/Noise Reducer Model VP100

Up to 9 dBs of Luminance and Chrominance noise reduction, plus correction of color phase, gain, Y/C delay, frequency response, gamma, and video level.
NTSC Color Corrector Model VP900A. Legacy Product

Provides control of video level, chroma gain and phase, R, B, G levels and pedestals, plus 9 dBs of S/N improvement with the VIP engine.

Model VP900A without noise reduction was also made

Not Available
NTSC/PAL Color Corrector Model VP900D

Provides control of R, B, G levels and pedestals, luminance brighness, chroma level, and gamma. Optional 9 dBs of S/N improvement with the VIP engine. The same as the SDI-900C but with analog input/output instead of SDI in/out.

Model VP900D with optional digital interface $1850

Picture Quality Restorer Model VP1000

Combines the circuits of the Model INR2000, DP2000, and VP10 to remove impulse noise and dropouts, and to reduce Luminance and Chrominance random noise by more than 9dBs.
Pre-Compression Processor Model VP3000

Optimizes video characteristics to permit optimum and most efficient compression of video signals.  Composite Video in, Analog YUV out.


Dropout and impulse noise elimination board: $800
Analog RGB output interface: $100
D1 Serial output interface: $300
Note: Prices are valid as of November 1st, 2017 and subject to change without notice. Please contact us for other products.
Xintekvideo Products
Transcoders & Converters
SDI-313 - Universal Transcoder
SDI-1 - D1 to NTSC Converter
SDI-3 - Analog to SDI Converter
SDI-110 - SDI to Analog Converter
SDI-310 - NTSC to D1 Converter
SDI-330 - Noise Reducer/SDI Converter
SDI-333 - Universal SDI Converter
Video Processors
INR 2000 - Impulse Noise Eliminator
INR ES - Impulse Noise Reducer
HQ 2000 - Picture Quality Restorer
CF110 - Co-Channel Filter
DP2000 - Drop-Out Corrector
Video Improvement Processors
VP10A - Random Noise Reducer
VP10C - Components Noise Reducer
SDI-10 - Random Noise Reducer
VP55A - Noise Reducer/Ghost Canceler
VP100 - Video Processor/Noise Reducer
VP900A - NTSC Color Corrector
VP900D - NTSC/PAL Color Corrector
VP1000 - Picture Quality Restorer
VP3000 - Pre-Compression Processor
HD-900M/950M - High Definition Color Corrector
SDI-900*-Color Corrector/Video Processor
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