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Advanced NTSC Color Encoder Model ENC7a
[Special Order Only]

The ENC7A Advanced NTSC Color Encoder is a state of the art professional encoder. It achieves significant picture quality improvement over conventional NTSC encoders by utilizing patented techniques.*

The encoder uses improved antialias filters for luminance and chrominance to help reduce interline flicker and cross-luminance cross-color defects. They are particularly useful with computer generated images not utilizing antialiased processes. Also highly desirable with Telecines and CCD cameras.

The encoder features exclusive vertical enhancement and flicker reduction circuits to reduce interline flicker, particularly useful with computer graphics

Color modulation is done digitally without the use of multipliers, for essentially perfect linearity and perfect quadrature. Exclusive proprietary techniques are employed in the modulator to completely suppress residual color subcarrier and thus achieve, from a practical point of view, perfect modular balance. A D2 digital output is optional.

Advanced fabrication techniques contribute to make the price of this Advanced Encoder extremely competitive.

Digital Color Modulation

All Digital Modulation without the use of multipliers, with digital feedback and dynamic digital processes to completely suppress residual color subcarrier in monochromatic areas and guarantee perfect quadrature modulation.

Digital Antialiased Filters

Dynamically adaptive luminance comb filter and patented three line comb filtering for chrominance, designed to reduce interline flicker and cross luminance cross chrominance defects.

Vertical Enhancement/De-Enhancement

Patented variable vertical aperture compensation/vertical filtering, permits de-emphasizing vertical transitions to reduce interline flicker.

Internal or External Reference

Will lock to external reference or output internally generated sync.

Optional D2 Output

Front Panel Controls
Power On/Off
Chrominance Level 0 to 120%
Vertical Enhancement/De-Enhancement -20 dB to +6 dB
Vertical Details On/Off
Composite Video Level 120 to 160 IRE Units
Sync Level 0 to 60 IRE Units
Pedestal 0 to 20 IRE Units
Sync Delay ▒ 1 Ás
Burst Delay ▒ 10║
Subcarrier Phase 0 to 360║
Chroma On/Off
Chroma Comb Filter On/Off
RGB 700 mV into 75 Ohms
or Y, R-Y, B-Y Levels as requested
Return loss greater than 36 dB
Black Burst 500 mV into 75 Ohms
Outputs: Two composite NTSC Color signals, 1v into 75 Ohms
Reference Sync
Optional D2 output
Video Specifications:
Frequency Response:
  Luminance ▒ 15 dB to 5 MHz, useable response to 6.5 MHz
  I & Q Channels < 3 dB down at 1.2 MHz
> 20 dB down at 3.6 MHz
  Optional for Q Channel < 3 dB down at 400 kHz
> 6 dB down at 600 kHz
Non-Linearity < 2% plus quantizing effect
Differential Phase < 2║ plus quantizing effect
K Factor with 2T Pulse Better than 1%
Frame Tilt Less than 1%
Y to Chroma relative timing ▒ 25 ns
Modulator Balance Essentially infinite - no residual color subcarrier
Y to Sync timing Adjustable ▒ 1 Ás
Subcarrier phase Adjustable over 360║
Sync level Adjustable 0 to 60 IRE units
Pedestal level Adjustable 0 to 20 IRE units
Input to Output delay 1 TV line plus 1.2 Ás, nominal
Temperature: 40║ F to 105║ F, Ambient
Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing
Height: 1.75"
Width: 19"
Length: 14.5"
Weight: 9 lbs.
Power: 115 volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 30 Watts
* Patent No. 4,849,808

Specification subject to change without notice.

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