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Xintekvideo Inc.
56 West Broad Street
Stamford, CT 06902

Phone: (203) 348-9229


United States
Contact us directly 203-348-9229
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Repair Service
We provide repair services for all of our products, including products sold under our former name Intelvideo. Charges for repair of products out of warranty (more than 1 year old) but less than 10 years old is a fixed $95 per unit plus the cost of replacement parts if needed, plus shipping charges of $20 for ground shipments, $40 for 3-Day, $75 for 2-Day, $100 for Next Day, (USA shipments only). Unless otherwise requested, we will return repaired unit by ground shipment. (Please note: the $95 fixed labor charge applies only to units that have not been modified in any way). Units over 10 years old will be repaired, if possible, at a labor charge of $75/hr with a minimum of $95, plus parts and shipping as above. Repairs to the Model SDI-1 and SDI-3 will be done for a fixed charge of $45 plus parts and shipping. Turn around time for repairs is usually 24 hours, longer for intermittent problems.

No RMA is required to send in a unit for repair. The unit should be shipped to our address together with a signed Purchase Order for the repair. A signed request for repair on the company letterhead is also an acceptable PO. Payment is net 30 for companies with established credit, and for national Broadcasters, Cable or Satellite service providers. Please make sure you provide a description of the problem encountered, as well as a phone contact for technical questions and billing questions. Please do not send us equipment that does not have the name Xintekvideo or Intelvideo on it.

Xintekvideo Products
Transcoders & Converters
SDI-313 - Universal Transcoder
SDI-1 - D1 to NTSC Converter
SDI-3 - Analog to SDI Converter
SDI-110 - SDI to Analog Converter
SDI-310 - NTSC to D1 Converter
SDI-330 - Noise Reducer/SDI Converter
SDI-333 - Universal SDI Converter
Video Processors
INR 2000 - Impulse Noise Eliminator
INR ES - Impulse Noise Reducer
HQ 2000 - Picture Quality Restorer
CF110 - Co-Channel Filter
DP2000 - Drop-Out Corrector
Video Improvement Processors
VP10A - Random Noise Reducer
VP10C - Components Noise Reducer
SDI-10 - Random Noise Reducer
VP55A - Noise Reducer/Ghost Canceler
VP100 - Video Processor/Noise Reducer
VP900A - NTSC Color Corrector
VP900D - NTSC/PAL Color Corrector
VP1000 - Picture Quality Restorer
VP3000 - Pre-Compression Processor
HD-900M/950M - High Definition Color Corrector
SDI-900*-Color Corrector/Video Processor
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