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Xintekvideo was established in 1986 and incorporated in 1987 under the name Intelvideo in the state of Connecticut. It changed it's name to Xintekvideo in 2002. The company's goal has been to improve and optimize television picture quality. Xintekvideo's expertise is in high quality video processing, picture enhancement,color correction, video error correction, and noise reduction.

Xintekvideo manufactures state of the art equipment including HD Color Correctors, Random Noise and Impulse Noise Reducers, Co-Channel Interference Eliminators, Ghost Cancellers, SD Color Correctors, Color Encoders and Decoders, Proc Amps, plus the most cost effective analog to SDI and SDI to analog equipment on the market.

Xintekvideo's latest equipments, HD/SD COLOR CORRECTOR Model HD950M is the most user friendly color corrector on the market and a best buy. Our standard definition Color Corrector / Video Processor SDI900* and the Video Pre-Compression Processor, provides a significant increase in digital compression efficiency. Our Model SDI-3 permits inexpensive conversion of analog NTSC or Pal signals to SDI.

All of Xintekvideo's products are manufactured in the United State of America to the highest quality standards.

Xintekvideo Products
Transcoders & Converters
SDI-313 - Universal Transcoder
SDI-1 - D1 to NTSC Converter
SDI-3 - Analog to SDI Converter
SDI-110 - SDI to Analog Converter
SDI-310 - NTSC to D1 Converter
SDI-330 - Noise Reducer/SDI Converter
SDI-333 - Universal SDI Converter
Video Processors
INR 2000 - Impulse Noise Eliminator
INR ES - Impulse Noise Reducer
HQ 2000 - Picture Quality Restorer
CF110 - Co-Channel Filter
DP2000 - Drop-Out Corrector
Video Improvement Processors
VP10A - Random Noise Reducer
VP10C - Components Noise Reducer
SDI-10 - Random Noise Reducer
VP55A - Noise Reducer/Ghost Canceler
VP100 - Video Processor/Noise Reducer
VP900A - NTSC Color Corrector
VP900D - NTSC/PAL Color Corrector
VP1000 - Picture Quality Restorer
VP3000 - Pre-Compression Processor
HD-900M/950M - High Definition Color Corrector
SDI-900*-Color Corrector/Video Processor
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