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Color Corrector Model HD-900M
Description - HD900M Spec Sheet - HD950M Spec Sheet - Monitor Pre-Correction Methods

Xintekvideo's Model HD-900M is an all digital Color Corrector that directly interfaces with HD serial digital video and provides the means to color match any video clip to a wanted color standard.It is most often used to match video to any display characteristics.

The Model HD-900M provides a wide-range control of amplitude and pedestal for each primary color, permitting full color balance of highlights as well as low lights. In addition it has controls for Chroma Gain, Brightness, and Gamma correction. (A Luminance Gain control is also available in the Model HD-950M). The Model HD-900M also has non-volatile, user re-writable memory, for twelve video correction pre-sets of all front panel functions. 100 or 400 pre-sets are optionally available. Any stored preset can be recalled and used to control video processing. It can also be modified, using the front panel controls, and re-saved into its memory or into a different memory.

Optional computer interface is also available. It permits full access to all Color Corrector functions via the USB port of any PC. It also permits an "infinite" number of pre-sets to be stored in the computer.

The most appreciated feature of the Model HD-900M is its ease of operation due to its individual, simultaneously operable, independent front panel controls for each function. There is no need to go through menues and search for the desired funtion. That makes the system extremely user friendly. Color correction is normally an iterative process in which 6 to 9 different functions may need to be adjusted interactively. The HD-900M provides simultaneous access to all of those funtions!

The Model HD-900M will not affect other imbedded signals in the video stream as it automatically goes into process bypass during non video time.

(If pre-sets are not needed, you can save $200 by ordering the Model HD-900. The HD-900 is the same as the HD-900M without pre-sets. If an additional control for luminance gain (contrast) is desired, please order Model HD-950M. See spec sheet).

Front Panel Controls:
Red Gain: 40%
Red Pedestal: 25 IRE
Blue Gain: 40%
Blue Pedestal: 25 IRE
Green Gain: 40%
Green Pedestal: 20 IRE
Chroma Gain: 40%
Y set-up: 12 IRE
Y Gain: 40% (for Model HD950M only)
Y Gamma: 0.3 to 1.8
Pre-set Features for the Model HD-900M:
Presets: Any front panel setting may be stored in one of twelve non-volatile memory banks and selected at will for pre-set operation. Up to 400 memory banks optionally available.
Additional Specifications:
Input: 4:2:2 Serial Digital Video at 1.485 Gbs. Optional Standard Video at 270 Mbs. Optional analog and HDMI inputs.
Unprocessed Output: Equalized and re-clocked serial digital video
Processed Output: Two serial digital video outputs at 1.485 Gbs (or 270Mbs for optional SD). Video processing is at 10 to 16 bit accuracy. Any ancillary data in the video stream is automatically passed through to the output.
Optional analog and HDMI outputs.
System Delay: 200 ns. nominal for 1.485 Gbs inputs
Overflow Clipping: If processing causes overflow, output video is clipped at hexadecimal levels 0004 and 03FA to take advantage of the full dynamic range of the digital signal. Note, this exceeds the minimum and maximum levels specified for the SDI standard at the analog to digital conversion point.
Remote Control: Optional Remote Control of all functions via the USB port of any PC.
Temperature: 32 F to 105 F, Ambient
Humidity: 10% to 90%, non-condensing
Height: 1.75"H
Width: 19"W
Length: 10"D
Weight: 7 lbs.
Power: 90-240 volts AC, 50/60Hz, 10 Watts
Specification subject to change without notice. 04/2008
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